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The Omega Project

Part IV

"Damn!" Wolfgang's fist crashed down onto the metallic table.
"How could you have let them get away?" he shouted, whirling fiercely to face the cowering Lieutenant.
"Sir, we are still in hot pursuit." Wolfgang's frown disappeared, listening intently. "After we calmed the fire down, we began tracking them. They are no more then a mile ahead of us."
"Very well. Continue your work. On my command, activate the Battle Drones. Dismissed."

Sam weaved in and out between the maze of tropical trees. Stopping, he dove into a bush. Within seconds, at least twenty uniformed men carrying rifles and grenades and other items ran by. When the last one ran by, Sam pulled out his gun. Picking up a pebble, he threw it at the guard, who wheeled around instantly. Cautiously, the guard cocked his rifle. Rolling, Sam shot. The bullet connected with the Guard's right arm. Shouting, he dropped his gun. Sam aimed high, and shot. The guard gave a gurgled yell, and dropped to the ground, blood pouring from the new hole in-between his eyes. Sam quickly stripped the guard, and dressed in his clothes. Reholstering his gun, he
took the guard's grenades and rifle, along with his ID clearance card, and ran onwards into the mysterious center of the Mengalive Island.

Frank ran, carefully and silently, through the green mass of tropical leaves. He stopped in a small clearing, pausing to get his bearings. Looking around, he noticed a guard shack, a small brick building with an extremely noticeable lock on it's door. Pulling out his grappling hook, he aimed up and shot. With a whirr, the hook flew upwards, and hooked onto an unknown source on top of the guard shack. He pressed a second button, and the cord retracted, pulling Frank upwards and onto the roof of the guard shack. Within seconds, a troupe of soldiers ran past, single-file. Quickly loading the grappling hook, Frank aimed, and picked off the last soldier. The impact of the hook knocked the soldier out. Pressing the recoil button, the guard's limp body was pulled up towards Frank. Checking the body, Frank found a sniper-rifle, 10 clips, and a level 8 clearance card. He stripped the guard, and donned the uniform. He jumped off the shack, and again ran off into the darkness of the jungle.

Tom paused, and dove into a thicket of leaves. He pulled out his rope, and his hunting knife. Surveying, he found the perfect spot. With his knife, he cut a length of rope, and tied it between two trees. He tested it, and it was good. He picked up the gasoline can, and poured some of it onto the patch of grass right before the rope. He leaned back against the tree, and glanced outwards. He felt around with his right hand, and found a few small stones. After a few minutes, a troupe of soldiers ran by, in single file. As the final soldier ran by, Tom dove out, throwing the pebbles at the last soldier, rolling behind a tree.

The last soldier stopped, cautiously looking around. Tom pulled off his shirt, and threw it right next to the tripwire. The soldier ran over. When he reached the patch of grass, he slid, and finally tripped over the wire, hitting his head on one of the rocks that Tom set. He was out cold. Tom checked the guard for inventory. A machine gun with 5 clips and a laser sight, and a Swiss army knife. Tom took the guard's clothing, and continued onwards into the unknown jungle.

Sam ran for around 6 minutes, finally reaching a large camouflaged building. Looking around, he noticed a smaller building.
"Frank and Tom aren't here yet. I'll go in there and wait for them." He thought to himself. He shot off the lock, and stepped in, closing the door. Reaching into his pack, he pulled out his lighter and flicked it open, producing a flame. Sam could now see that the room, dimly lit, was an ammunition hold. A light from the corner quickly came on. A sensor! "Damn! I set off some sort of sensor!"
An alarm rang from somewhere; The sensor gave off a low monotonous ringing. All of a sudden, a greenish gas was released into the room. "Tired ... so...very....tired....." said Sam.
Sam collapsed just as enemy troops stormed the ammunition hold.

Wolfgang smiled. He had captured one of them. His dogtags read 'Sam Higgens.' "Ahh, an American..." Wolfgang said to himself. One of his Generals ran into his stronghold.
"Umm... Sir? We found the bodies of Thompson and Johnson. Their uniforms and their gear has been taken."
" Damn! This means that the other two Americans must have attacked them. We must be careful. But, now that we have this Sam person, they will come and rescue him. " Wolfgang leaned over, and pressed a button. He picked up the microphone which lay on the table, and spoke into it. "Red Alert! Red Alert! We may have intruders. Everyone, to your positions. I repeat, red alert, everyone to your positions!"

Tom ran until he met Frank outside a large warehouse. Frank was also wearing a uniform.
"I see you must have had a run through with a guard too, huh?" Tom turned the door handle, only to find that it was electronically locked.
"Here, let me handle this" Frank said, and he reached inside his pack to pull out the Level 8 clearance card. He scanned the card through the computer, and the door opened with a slow, mechanical motion. "After you, Tom."

Tom ran inside, and turned left, followed shortly by Frank. Tom cautiously walked forwards, and then motioned to Frank to stop. Two guards walked by, patrolling. Tom and Frank stood up and slowly moved behind the guards. In a swift motion, each brought the butt of their gun down onto the back of the guards' heads. The guards collapsed, unconscious. They turned, and ran down a hallway and into the closing elevator.

"Sir, someone's here." The General pointed towards the elevator. "Well, then take care of them." The General ran to the elevator. Slowly, the doors of the elevator opened to reveal no one. The general stepped into the elevator. Nothing.
All of a sudden, Frank and Tom dropped from the roof. Tom landed on the general, knocking him out immediately. Frank immediately moved his gun, and shot. The bullets he shot landed square on the microphone, and then on the alarm button. The elevator door closed, carrying the general's unconscious body upwards. Frank moved forwards to Wolfgang while Tom locked the elevator doors.
"You... you should be dead!" Wolfgang quivered, and slowly turned. His hand moved down to his side.
"Well, I suppose I'm not very dead, now am I?" Frank walked in. Suddenly, Wolfgang moved his hand upwards. He had a gun. He shot. Frank ducked his shot, and kicked the gun from Wolfgang's hand.
"You're just not fast enough for me, Wolfy." The last thing Wolfgang would remember was the boot moving quickly for his head. Wolfgang collapsed, unconscious.
Tom ran to Sam, and unshackled him.
"Come on, guys. This map says that there is a boat we can escape on down this hallway. Let's go home."
Sam, Tom and Frank ran out. As Frank ran, he spotted a self-destruct button. He punched the self-destruct button, and ran.

Frank started the boat.
"Ten." The computerized voice informed him of how long he had to leave.
"Nine." They pulled out of the hanger, and began to sail away, flying along at high speeds.
"Eight. Seven Six." They turned, and passed a piece of SS Omega wreckage.
"Five. Four." Frank maneuvered through the wreckage, and sailed off into the sunset.
"Three. Two. One. Have a nice day."
Sam, Frank and Tom looked back just in time to see the entire island explode in a massive fireball. Frank smiled.
"We're going home, Team Omega" The boat speeded off into the ocean, and turned towards the United States of America.

"I'll find them one day. If it's the last thing I'll do, I'll find them and kill them all."
Wolfgang's submarine sped away into the unknown darkness of the ocean.

The End . . .

or is it?

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