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The Omega Project

Part III

"There are intruders on the island, sir" said one of the many Lieutenants of the K. S. A, the Kreplakistan Secret Army. "I know. I've been viewing them. The leader is very resourceful. The three if them are now in the Gauntlet. Send a legion of troops to await them at the mouth of the river. I want to see how they fight." Wolfsbane wheeled his chair to face the screen. The three Omega-men were walking cautiously through the thin coridor-like path of jungle. "The traps are set. Send the troops to the mouth of the river. You are dismissed, Lieutenant."

Frank walked slowly, putting his telescope to his eye. A bright red flash suddenly appeared on the heat-scope, a few feet ahead.
"Uh, guys? Take a look at this! There is a big piece of heat right in front of us, and there are more all around this path!" Looking closely with his binoculars, he saw a trip wire. Tom reached into his bag, and took out his hunting knife. He held up his hand, motioning the others to move back more.
Slowly, he reached the knife out, and cut the wire. Suddenly, a gaping pit opened in front of them. taking a pebble, Tom threw it into the pit. When it landed, a metal cover slid over the hole, sealing with an audible hiss. Tom threw a pebble onto the metal cover, and five daggers flew across the top of the lid. When they imbedded in a tree, five more flew across a few feet ahead.
"Did you see that? That could happen anywhere. Stay behind me at all times."

"Lieutenant, activate the P.A. system." Wolfgang turned his chair around so he faced the microphone. A switch was pulled, and there was a buzz. Checking the screens, he began talking.
"Team Omega. We know where you are. We know why you are here. We know how you work. We have been watching you." With that, he burst into a menacing laugh, then flicked the P.A. system off.
"Lieutenant, tell the troops move in. I want to trap them in the Gauntlet."
"Y...yes sir..." The Lieutenant gave a quick salute and rushed off.

"Frank, Sam, look at this. There's some ... things moving towards us. And fast!" said Tom. "We should split up, and go into the jungle."
"Remember, though, don't just rush. This entire island could be booby trapped!" said Sam.
"Sam, give me a few matches. I wanna give these troops a bit of a distraction." Said Tom, thinking carefully.
Sam looked at Frank, casually shrugged, handed Tom a few matches, and then ran off into the jungle.
Frank glanced to Tom, then ran off in a separate direction. Tom unpacked his gasoline can. Opening it, he poured some onto the metal lid. Standing back, he lit a match, and dropped it. The entire lid was engulfed in flames.
"That'll keep them busy for a few minutes," he thought, and ran off.

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