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The Omega Project

Part II

Tom ran along the shore, thinking about the last three days. He had recently gotten married, and was forced to postpone his honeymoon due to the urgency of this mission. After this mission, he planned to settle down and relax with his new wife, Jane.
Stopping to check for the fire, he looked around. It was gone. All that remained was a few lone puffs of smoke. Putting his binoculars to his hazel eyes, Tom took a quick heat-scan check of the island. Suddenly, two rapid-moving structures appeared on the other side of the island.
"Time to lock and load," he said, talking to himself. Tom reached down to his holster, and drew his gun. Now very cautious, he began to make his way towards the smoky tip of the island.

Sam and Frank reached the tip of the island, finding nothing more then a crevice in the ground and some dark, thick smoke.
Suddenly, a man burst through the smoke, running at full speed with a gun drawn. One shot was fired, and Sam felt the bullet whiz by him and lodge itself in the bark of a tree. Sam dove to attack the mysterious stranger, and the two tumbled to the ground. After some scuffling, Sam pinned the stranger down. About to deliver a deadly punch, Sam stopped in midair. Looking down, Sam saw the stranger was nothing less then the captain of the SS Omega, Tom. Sam began to laugh a bit, standing up. Tom too, now, began to laugh.
Helping him up, Sam began to tell his and Frank's version of the story. Frank again scanned the island with his telescope, finding many small heat disturbances surrounding the area where they presently were.
"Uh... Guys? Sam? Tom? You might wanna look at this."
Sam walked over to Frank, and, peering through the telescope, gave a puzzled shrug. Tom looked through his binoculars, also shrugging. Sam lit a cigarette, and put it in his mouth.
"It could be anything," he said, "hot underground waters, anything." With that, he put out his cigarette, and flicked it into the sand. After a few seconds, an audible "click" was heard, and the patch of sand burst into a huge ball of flames.
All three quickly dove to the ground. When the flames died down, all three stood. After a few moments of silence, Tom coughed.
"Everyone, stand still. This entire area is land-mined. I guess we know what it is now, huh?"

Tom retraced his own footprints, finding little pebbles and rocks. After a few minutes, he returned, hands full of tiny rocks. Frank and Sam stood still, watching. Tom tossed a rock a few feet from his last footprint. Ducking quickly, he checks to see if there was an explosion. None followed. Carefully, he stepped up to the rock.
"Sam, go back and get sticks," ordered Tom. Sam quickly ran back, and returned within moments with many long, straight sticks. He handed them to Tom, who began marking a safe pathway across the minefield with them. He continued to do this, throwing a rock and marking it off, until they were on the other side.
When they reached the other side, a clear path was visible leading into the jungle which made up the central piece of the island. Frank put his telescope to his eye, and checked for any mines or humans. All he saw was a large block of heat coming from a centrally located building.
"There is a really big building in the dead-center of this island" Sam said, nervously. Tom and Frank exchanged glances, and began to walk down the path.

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