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"Twinkle, twinkle little star.  How I wonder what you are."
"Shut up."
"What are you, I mean the stars?"
"The moon's offspring."
"What's offspring mean?"
"I said be QUIET!!!"
"Jenny, Walter, be quiet.  You too Henrietta."
"But Mom,......"
"No buts."

We were in the car on our way to dinner at some Chinese restaurant.  I can't pronounce the name.  It was sort of late for me to be out.  Daddy said it was okay. It was very dark outside.  If the stars were the moon's children I wanted to meet them.  I bet they were around my age.  But, Susan said Granddaddy became a star when he died.  Who is correct, Susan or Walter? Susan is really, really old, and Walter is only ten, but he is really smart. I am five and Jenny is fourteen.

When we got to the restaurant we had dinner.  It was nothing special. I was tired and waiting for my favorite part of the meal, fortune cookies. The cookies taste like cardboard, but I had just started my fortune collection.

Finally they came.  Mine was, "You will meet a stranger."  I wondered who. Daddy's was, "Your wisdom will take you places."  Mommy's was, "There is a light at the end of the tunnel." Jenny's was,"Be careful who your friends are."  Walter's was, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a wo/man healthy, wealthy, and wise."  They all joined my collection.

I fell asleep right away.  I was tired.

My arms hurt badly.  I looked at them.  Something was growing out of them.  I wanted to scream, but something stopped me.  I waited for what seemed like forever.  I looked again.  I had grown wings.

I knew I had somewhere to go.  I got dressed in a special suit I had never seen before that lay at the foot of my bed. I opened my window.  I could do it without help! I climbed out and jumped.  I was flying!  I shut my eyes.  When I opened them again it appeared that I had landed on the moon!

I walked toward a mansion that loomed in front of me.  I knocked, then opened the door.  I was surprised it was not locked. At a first glance the mansion appeared to be empty.  I saw no furniture and no people.  I looked closer and saw a man on a chair with his back turned  toward me.
"Hello!" I said in a timid voice.
"I have been waiting for you all day," the man answered.
"May I ask," I said gained confidence, "who are you?"
"Isn't it obvious?  I am the man in the moon!"
"Let me take you on a tour," he boomed while slowly getting up.
I went on a lovely tour of the moon.  I was told I could tell no one the details. Sorry, you will have to go yourself.

Then I visited the stars.  Susan and Walter were right.  When Granddaddy died, he was reborn by the moon as a star and always stayed young.  I said good bye to the moon and visited Granddaddy and the other stars.  It was a blast! As a comet came by my arms started to hurt again.  I had to get home before my wings shrunk.

The sun streamed on my face.  My window was still open.  I went into Walter's room.  He was awake.  I told him all about last night.  He remembered doing the same thing when he was my age.  He helped me close my window and made me promise not to tell Jenny, Mommy, or Daddy.  So I am telling you!  Be sure to not tell them though. Happy voyage yourself!