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Movies Aren't Always Truoble . . . Only Sometimes

By Laura, age 12

"This portfolio is fabulous!  Why have I never heard of Shelby before?"
the famous movie director, Brian Randolph, said.
"You really shouldn't get her without getting her friend, Charlotte also.  Before I worked for you I worked for Adrian Bluefolk.  He tried to hire Charlotte without getting Shelby, Charlotte wouldn't hear of it.  I think Shelby will be the same way."
Brian's assistant warned.
"Who cares about Charlotte her portfolio isn't nearly as good.  We need someone that looks like Margery.  Margery has brown hair, Charlotte has curly hair.  If Charlotte and Shelby looked alike, I might have gotten both of them to play the twins.  Shelby is perfect.  She and Margery are practically the same height!"
"Just remember, I warned you."

Shelby and Charlotte walked over to the set.  They were doing a commercial for the I-Zone Camera.  A strange man came up and asked Shelby a very important question. 
“How would you like to star in my next movie?” 
Shelby was overwhelmed.  Obviously she accepted.  She had co-stared with her best friend Charlotte.  But has never been in any previous films without Charlotte.  The fact that Charlotte might be jealous totally slipped her mind, she was to exited by the fact that this movie was produced and directed by Brian Randolph!  Shelby couldn't believe that she was being co-stared in a movie directed by Brian Randolph.  The movie was a remake of “The Parent Trap.”  Shelby was playing one of the twins.  Charlotte was playing one of the extra campers.

The next day, Shelby got a call from someone working for Brian Randolph.  The woman told Shelby to come to the set Monday at four. Charlotte also got a call saying that the cast was getting together to talk about the movie on Monday.  The main characters should stay and talk more about their character and the script, but Charlotte didn’t have to do that because she didn’t have a big part.

Charlotte then called Shelby and asked if she wants to go to the mall on Monday, which is Shelby’s favorite thing to do, after they get their scripts.  Shelby can’t because she has to stay until six on Monday talking with Brian Randolph and the other really big characters.  She tells Charlotte this.  Charlotte is hurt that Shelby got to star in a big movie and she didn’t.

At school on Tuesday, Charlotte, Shelby, and a few of their friends get together and plan out a senior prank.  They choose a quiet, unsuspecting kid whom you wouldn’t think of as the kind of person who would be the object of a senior prank.  The prank group decides to get together on Thursday afternoon to discuss what they are going to do.  Shelby says that she can’t go because she has to go to a rehearsal of the first scene. 
“I just don’t have time to play little kid pranks,”
she said.
“I guess if you just don’t have time for us, you won’t be in the prank at all!”
Joey, one of the leaders of the prank, replied.

On Thursday, the prank group got together.  They decided to be selfish and make the victim of the prank be Shelby.  One movie had washed away Charlotte and Shelby’s friendship.

The prank was for one of the kids who was still annoyed with Shelby, but Shelby didn’t know it, to give Shelby a ride to the next rehearsal so she wouldn't have a car there.  Then, close to the end of the rehearsal, Joey, the driver, would come to pick Shelby up to drive her to a rehearsal for “Computer Hacker,” the next big movie Mr. Randolph’s arch director, Katie Lynn, is doing.  Even though Shelby really wasn't in the movie, hopefully, Brian Randolph would think Shelby was, and fire her for doing two movies at once, against the contract.  The fact that Katie Lynn is directing it will just make Brian Randolph even more mad.

At the next movie rehearsal, Shelby asked Mr. Randolph if he can write a college recommendation for her.  Any acting college would except her now.  Starring in this movie would out stand Charlotte’s good grades any day.  The plan was in effect.  Joey drove her to the rehearsal.  Then Joey came about halfway through the rehearsal and interrupted the rehearsal.  Joey then explained that Shelby must have double booked her schedule.  Right now she had a rehearsal with the cast of “Computer Hacker.”  That is much more important than this movie.  It all went according to the plan.

Mr. Randolph got so mad that he took away Shelby’s college recommendation.  Shelby was back to the state she was in at the beginning of the story, but with one less friend, and one less movie.